S. E. Johnson, 180 Bedell St., Freeport, L.I.

Samuel E Johnson was a long time Freeport resident who operated a small milk business out of his home address from the late 1910’s to the late 1920’s.

1920 census records state his occupation was a milkman who owned his own store and he’s listed as milk in the 1923 and 1926 Freeport directories.

In the early 1920’s he apparently had a partner in the business. The 1923 Directory listed the business as Johnson & Co (Samuel E Johnson, Charles Sealey) milk, 180 Bedell. The 1926 Directory simply listed it as Samuel E Johnson, milk, 180 Bedell.

The 1914 Freeport Directory and 1930 census records indicate that before and after he ran the business, Johnson was an employee of the Brooklyn Water Works.

As expected, 180 Bedell Street is a single family residence, portions of which look like they date to the 1920’s. A widened driveway runs around the back that could have accommodated milk wagons.

The bottle I found is a machine made quart that fits with the 1920’s period of the business.