John Kessler, Woodmere, Long Island


Census records from 1900 through 1920 reveal that John Kessler immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1880 and worked as a salesman. Sometime after 1900 he started operating a hotel located somewhere on or near Woodmere Bay. The 1910 census listed his address as “out in Woodmere Bay”. He passed away sometime around 1914 and his wife Margaret continued to run the business for several more years. In the 1920 census Margaret was listed as a widow living with her daughter on West Broadway in Hewlett and the family was no longer involved in the business.

John Kessler, Hotel, Woodmere Bay south of Woodmere Dock, was listed as a liquor tax certificate holder for the years ending September 30, 1911 and September 30, 1912. In the years ending September 30, 1914 and 1915, Margaret not John was listed as the certificate holder. I’ve found that many local hotel owners in this era were liquor tax certificate holders and bottled their own beverages.

I found a champagne style beer bottle with a tooled blob finish that fits the early 1900’s time period. I haven’t seen this one on the Internet adding to the evidence that this was a small local business.