Jas. T. Weeks, Rockville Centre, L.I.

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In 1883 James T. Weeks partnered with Capt. Thomas E Hawkins and together they manufactured and bottled soda and mineral water in Bayport, Long Island for twelve years under the name of Hawkins & Weeks.

In September, 1894 Weeks in an effort to pursue other interests, sold his share of the business to Hawkins. More on Hawkins & Weeks can be found in another post on this site.  Hawkins & Weeks

A feature on Weeks, published in the June 24, 1898 edition of the “Suffolk County News” picks up the story from there.

In the spring of 1895  James T Weeks, who had for a number of years been a member of the firm of Hawkins & Weeks engaged in the bottling business in Bayport, retired from the firm and established the South Side Bakery on Main Street in that village and also began the manufacture of ice cream on a large scale.

An advertisement for both the bakery and ice cream business appeared in the June 14, 1895 edition of the Suffolk County News.

The Feature on Weeks went on to say:

The bakery he disposed of the following year to Mr. Joseph Douglass but the ice cream business he retained. He removed his family to Rockville Centre where he is engaged in the business of bottling soda and mineral waters and has a large and growing trade.  He gives his personal attention to both establishments dividing his time between the places and his efforts to cater to the public are ably seconded by his estimable wife who resides in Bayport and has charge of the ice cream factory and of the parlors connected with it where ice cream, soda water, fancy cakes and confectionery are on sale.

The “Annual Report of the Factory Inspectors of the State of New York” in 1898 indicated that Weeks’ mineral water business had 3 employees during that time, all male (no address). The same report in 1903 showed water bottling at a Centre Avenue location in Rockville Centre (no employee information).

Up through the spring of 1909 Weeks maintained the bottling business in Rockville Centre while at the same time servicing communities as far away as Port Washington on Long Island’s north shore, a fact made clear by an advertisement found in the May 15, 1909 edition of the “Port Washington News.”

40 YEARS IN THE MINERAL WATER BUSINESS enables me to furnish you with the best article on the market. I manufacture and sell direct to the trade about everything in the line of soft drinks. My wagons pass through Port Washington weekly, and besides I have a delivery station there. Hotels and other business places supplied. Goods for picnics on short notice. All flavors of Soda and Seltzer Water constantly on hand.

JAMES T. WEEKS, Rockville Centre, L. I.

Six months later, on November 6, 1909, the same advertisement, in the same newspaper, located him, not in Rockville Centre, but in Mineola L. I., suggesting that he moved the business to Mineola sometime in the summer of 1909.

He remained in Mineola through at least 1912 after which I lose track, The business had apparently dissolved by 1920 when census records indicate Weeks was back  in Bayport, employed as a driver.

Based on this information, his bottling business was operational from roughly 1896 until sometime in mid to late 1910’s.

All the bottles I’ve found were mouth blown: two 27 oz with a tooled blob finish, several 8 oz tooled crowns and one siphon bottle. Haven’t seen a machine made bottle or one embossed with the Mineola location,, even on the Internet.