D. J. Walsh, Far Rockaway, N.Y.


Daniel Joseph Walsh was a long time Far Rockaway bottler in the early 1900’s. His great-granddaughter, after reading the initial version of this post, contacted me and was kind enough to provide this picture of him.

An Irish immigrant, he listed himself as a bottler and/or mineral water manufacturer and proprietor of his own shop in the 1910,1920 and 1930 census. A couple of his young sons were also listed as bottlers or bottler helpers, leading me to believe it was a small family run operation. This was confirmed by his great-granddaughter who said that her father, D J Walsh’s grandson, pitched in to help as well.

Growing up, my father talked about his grandfather’s soda co., and how he would go and visit after school (elementary) and help fill the bottles.

In the 1900 census records I can’t make out his occupation but it does not appear related to bottling or mineral water. This would put him in the bottling business for 20 + years from pre-1910 to the early 1930’s. I did find him listed on Cornaga Avenue in several Queens County telephone directories between 1925 and 1928.

A Walsh “for sale” classified ad in a 1922 issue of the “Re-ly on Bottler” also listed their address as Cornaga Avenue in Far Rockaway. They were selling a Hammond bottle washer (60 boxes per hour) and a liquid carbonic generator.

Walsh was reportedly one of the first to make charged siphon club soda bottles according to local historian Emil Lucev, a contributer to “The Wave” a local Far Rockaway newspaper.

I found one large (27oz) tooled crown and several smaller (8oz) tooled crowns. Several machine made bottles (8oz) have also been observed. No blob top bottles have been found to date but I’ve seen photos on the Internet (both 8oz and 27oz). I’ve also seen D J Walsh siphon bottles pictured on the Internet.