Wm. Sierichs, No. 421 E 12th St., New York

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Wm Sierichs first appears in the NYC directories between 1878 and 1883, listed as a grocer at 90 Stanton Street. Beginning in 1884 his occupation changed to waters with addresses of 89 Second Avenue in 1884 and 511 East 17th St from 1886 to 1888. Then in 1889 he moved to East 12th Street where he remained listed through 1916. 421 and 423 East 12th St were listed as his business addresses, while 425 East 12th, was his residence.

According to the November 15, 1910 issue of The American Bottler,Sierichs  purchased the mineral water business of J.W. Baumann & Co. Baumann was listed at 349 East 19th Street in the 1909 NYC Directory. Two years later, in 1912, Sierichs reportedly purchased the plant of C D Seegers at 348 W 44th St. The news item, also published in the “American Bottler,” reported that Sierichs will transfer the business to his own plant at 421 E 12th Street.

Wm Sierichs died on February 28, 1918. Four years later, the New York Herald reported that his estate had sold the property at 421 East 12th Street. The news item stated:

John Peters sold for the estate of William Sierichs to Charles Kosches, a furniture dealer, 421 East 12th Street, a four story loft building, 25×103.3. The buyer will use the building as a warehouse.

Today 421 East 12th Street is a modern building that doesn’t date back to the business. 423 and 425 are old four story walk up’s that could have been utilized by the business.

On a sad note, Sierichs’s wife, Lotta Sierichs, died at the age of 38, a victim of the 1904 General Slocum disaster. The General Slocum was an excursion boat that caught fire in the East River with in excess of 1,300 people on board. Over 1,000 were killed. It was New York City’s worst disaster up until 9/11.

Subsequently, William Serichs was one of eleven incorporators of the General Slocum’s Survivor Organization – an association incorporated on October 15, 1904, to commemorate the disaster to the “General Slocum” by suitable religious services annually; by the assistance of those who suffered loss or injury in the wreck, and by the use of all proper means to prevent similar disasters in the future.

The bottle I found is mouth blown and shaped like a Hutchinson but with a longer neck. In addition to the 12th Street address it also has the 1889 registration year and Sierichs monogram embossed on it.

The embossing matches the description contained in his bottle registration notice that was printed in the March 28, 1889 issue of the newspaper “The Daily Graphic”

I William Sierichs certify that I am engaged in bottling and selling soda water, root beer and other beverages, and use and have the sole right to use my name, marks and devices branded, stamped, etched, blown or otherwise produced upon my bottles, boxes and kegs, a description of which distinguishing names and marks is as follows: Glass bottles on which is “Wm Sierichs” and the letters“WS” in a monogram. Boxes and kegs on which are the letters: “WS”. WILLIAM SIERICHS.

It was probably manufactured during the early part of the period that they occupied the 12th Street facility, say 1889 to early 1900’s.

Henry Sierichs, who was listed at the same address as William in the 1896 directory, apparently established his own bottling business as well. I’ve seen bottles listed on the Internet embossed Henry Sierichs with an address of 159 Elizabeth Street N.Y. and later, Rockaway Beach.