Geo Schneider & Co., 181-183 Stockholm St, Brooklyn

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Geo Schneider & Co was a long time Brooklyn business dealing with carbonated beverages.

According to the 1900 census records George Schneider was born in Germany and immigrated to the United States in 1889 at the age of 12. The 1900 records listed him as a soda water manufacturer living at 328 Hamburg Avenue, now renamed Wilson Avenue.

The first time George Schneider, waters, appears in the Brooklyn City Directories was 1902 at a home listing of 1465 Dekalb. He was also listed in the 1903 Trow Business directory of Brooklyn under mineral water at 1465 DeKalb.

In the 1906 Brooklyn City Directory Geo Schneider was listed for the first time as mineral water at 181-183 Stockholm. The business remained listed at that address into the 1960’s.

In a 1909 issue of the “American Bottler” it stated:

The Mineral Water Establishment of Geo Schneider & Co, 183 Stockholm St, Brooklyn, burned on Friday July 30. Seven horses perished and an automobile fell prey to the flames. Damage about $ 5,000. Not insured.

Geo Schneider was one of many Brooklyn and Long Island Bottlers of Beverages that “patriotically contributed” advertising space in the June 27, 1918 edition of the “Brooklyn Daily Eagle” that contained a plea from Uncle Sam to Brooklynites to sign a pledge card to purchase war savings stamps to fund the war effort.


A 1922 advertisement In the Brooklyn Eagle stated that they were “manufacturers of Hygienic Ginger Ale” and in a December 31, 1938 advertisement wishing “seasons greetings” to friends and patrons they called themselves “The Ginger Ale House of Brooklyn.” By this time they had apparently bought the adjacent building and were listing their address as 171-183 Stockholm Street.



Today, 177 Stockholm Street includes several attached (common wall) buildings that could have been used by the business.

Although the business spanned the transition from mouth blown to machine made bottles, I’ve only found machine made ones (a 27 oz and an 8 oz). I’ve seen mouth blown examples on the Internet.