Premier Bottling Works, 301 E 107th St., N.Y.


The business bottled soda and apparently started in the early 1920’s. It was listed in the 1922 NYC Directory at 301 E 107th St. but not listed in the 1918 NYC Directory or the 1919 Trow NYC Copartnership and Corporation Directory. Sometime in 1923 the business moved to 150 East 108th Street and remained listed at that location through at least 1932. Information after 1932 is sketchy but the business was not listed in 1948. Several early directories list the name of Sol Novom with the business.

East 107th Street no longer exists in this area. The former right-of way is now within the limits of a large apartment complex.

The bottle I found is machine made (27 oz) with the embossed 107th Street address. This dates it to the early 1920’s, prior to 1923. I’ve also seen an 8 oz slug plate version on the Internet, also machine made.