Plant & Ahrens, Inc., 212 Evergreen Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.


The 1922 Copartnership and Corporation Directory for Brooklyn and Queens listed the Business of Plant & Ahrens, Inc., 212 Evergreen Avenue, as mineral waters, Capital $30,000. The directors were listed as Humphrey L and Edward J Plant and O. Fred Ahrens.

The business of Plant & Ahrens, 212 Evergreen Avenue, mineral waters, was listed in the Brooklyn Telephone Directories from 1920 to 1928. They were not listed in the 1917 Directory so the business probably started in 1918 or 1919. In 1929 H. L. Plant was listed individually at 212 Evergreen Avenue as mineral waters, but the company was no longer listed. By 1930, neither Plant or the business were listed.

Humphrey L. and Edward J. Plant and O. Fred Ahrens appear to be the sons of two long time Brooklyn mineral water businessmen.

  • O. Fred’s father, Henry Ahrens was listed in the 1899 and 1907 Trow Business Directory under soda water and later in a 1917 issue of the American Bottler, all at the 212 Evergreen Avenue address.
  • Edward J Plant’s obituary states that he was the son of Humphrey Plant who was engaged in the soda water business in Brooklyn for many years with the firm of Plant Bros. and that Edward J. was associated with the beverage firm with his brother, Humphrey L Plant. The father, Humphrey Plant was an initial director of the Long Island Bottlers Union established in 1895 and in 1904 was named president. Plant Bros. was listed in the 1890 Lains Business Directory under mineral water and Humphrey Plant was listed in the 1899 Trow Business Directory under mineral water, both at 101 Pearl Street. The 1907 Trow Business Directory listed him at 146 Pearl Street. (On a side note, the 101 Pearl Street address was acquired by NYC in and around 1905 as part of the Manhattan Bridge construction, requiring the move to 146 Pearl)

Today, 212 Evergreen Avenue is a renovated two-story brick building with a garage door entrance. indicates it was built in 1931, a year after Plant & Ahrens vanishes from the directories.

The bottle I found is machine made (27oz) and fits with a 1920’s manufacture.