New York Bottling Co., Inc., New York

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The New York Bottling Co., Inc. was established in 1914. According to the January 15, 1915 Issue of the American Bottler:

A consolidation of the following prominent New York City bottling concerns took place on April 1: A. Ludorff, S.A. Ludin & Co., (New York Bottling Co), W.E. Seitz & Co., John F. Hughs, Henry Kracke (Globe Mineral Water Co) and the A. Liebler Bottling Co. The new company is called the NY Bottling Co., Albert Ludorff is president and J. E. Ludin is Tres.

The NYC Copartnership and Corporation Directories for 1915 and 1919 listed the consolidated company as the New York Bottling Co., Inc. (NY), Albert Ludorff Pres, John E Ludin Tres and R E Schoder Sec. Capital $750,000. 532 W 20th, 417 E 90th, 402 w 126th. Note that the 126th St address was the former address of the A Liebler Bottling Co.   A. Liebler Bottling Co.

In the 1922 NYC Directory, the company address was given as 502 – 514 W. 45th Street.

According to an April 7, 1929 story in the Brooklyn Times Union, The New York Bottling Corporation was acquired by the Carl H. Schulz Co. in November, 1928 who continued making goods under their trademarks.

Prior to the consolidation the New York Bottling Company name dated back to the late 1870’s. The original business was established by an English immigrant named George W. Rayner, who, in 1878, was first listed as a bottler, at 158 South 5th Avenue. He began listing the New York Bottling Co. name at the same address in 1882.

Rayner passed away in March 1897, shortly after which, Frederick Rayner (likely a surviving family member), sold the business to S. A. Ludin & Co., one of the firms ultimately included in the 1914 consolidation. Frederick Rayner announced the sale in the November 10, 1897 edition of the New York Sun.

                                                                     New York, Nov. 1, 1897.

I have this day sold the New York Bottling Works (Rayner’s Specialties) business and good will to Messers. S. A. Ludin & Co., who assume all liabilities contracted on and after this day.


Subsequently, up through the 1914 consolidation, the New York Bottling Company was listed as a registered trade name of S. A. Ludin & Co., who was located at the following addresses: 620 W 55th St (late 1800’s to 1901) and 514 W 36th St (1902 – 1914).

The bottle I found is machine made (9oz). The embossing includes “Inc” after the Company name, dating it no earlier than the 1914 consolidation.