John Mullin, Far Rockaway, L.I.


John Mullin started in business prior to 1890 and continued into the first decade of the 1900’s. A small operation, his listing in the 1898 New York State Factory Inspectors Report indicated that he had 5 employees.

The business was listed in the 1890 Lain’s Business Directory of Brooklyn (Far Rockaway), White n. Mott Ave. The business was also listed under bottlers of lager beer, White n. Cornaga Ave, Far Rockaway in the 1899, 1903 and 1904 Trow Business Directory of the Borough of Queens. He was not listed in the 1907 Trow Business Directory for the Borough of Queens, suggesting that the business came to an end sometime in 1905 or 1906.

He was also listed in the New York State Liquor Tax Holder Directory for 1898.

The 1903 business directory had an expanded advertisement stating “John Mullin Agent for James Everard’s Canada Malt Lager Beer and David Stevenson’s Brewing Co, Also Everard’s Ales and Porter. White near Cornaga, Far Rockaway.”

According to the 1900 Census data he and his wife Mary also ran a boarding house on White Street in Far Rockaway.

White Street’s name has subsequently been changed to Beach 21st Street. Both locations listed above are on Beach 21st Street between Mott and Cornaga so they are most likely one and the same. Today, much of this block is vacant though there are some older buildings near Mott Ave.

All four bottles found are champagne style beers with tooled blob tops. The slug plate refers to Far Rockaway, Long Island. This suggests they were made prior to 1898 (the year Far Rockaway became part of NYC) but certainly prior to 1907 when the business was no longer listed.