Obermeyer & Liebmann Bot’g Dept., New York City

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According to Times Newsweekly.com, Samuel Liebmann established the S L Liebmann brewery in 1855. Upon his retirement in 1870, he turned the brewery over his sons. Around the same time he established a 2nd brewery for his two sons-in-law. The brewery, called Obermeyer and Liebmann started shipping beer in 1868 and operated independently of S L Liebman’s Sons until 1924 when it was merged into that company. The name of the combined company was called Liebman Breweries, Inc.

This information is generally confirmed in the Brooklyn City Directories. The first listing I can find for Obermeyer & Liebmann was in the 1871 Brooklyn City Directory (They are not listed in 1869 and I don’t have access to 1870). Subsequently they were listed in many business directories between 1871 and 1922 almost always using Bremen Street as a location. The Copartnership and Corporation Directory of the Boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens 1913-1914 named Theodore Obermeyer Pres, Henry Liebmann VP and Joseph Obermeyer Treas. The 1922 edition  of the same directory listed the same officers but lists the address as 50 Stanwix. It should be noted that Bremen Street was renamed Stanwix Street so I assume that the actual location remained the same. By 1924, Liebman Breweries was the name listed in the NY Telephone Directory.

Obermeyer & Liebman incorporated in 1889. The NY Times reported on January 16, 1889:

The firm of Obermeyer and Liebmann was incorporated today with a capital of $300,000 to operate in New York and Brooklyn in the manufacture of malt and malt liquors. The trustees are Joseph Liebmann, Theodore Obermeyer and Henry Liebmann.

A legal notice dated February 8,1893 and found in the March 3, 1893 issue of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle stated:

Obermeyer and Liebmann do hereby certify that they are engaged in the manufacture of malt liquor for sale in butts, hogsheads, barrels, half barrels, casks, quarter casks, or kegs with their name or other private marks respectively branded or stamped thereon. That the following is a description of the name used and other private marks or marks branded and stamped or to be branded and stampedthereon, to wit:


That the county in which such malt liquor is manufactured is the County of Kings – Dated February 8, 1893.

While this appears to be their bottle registration notice, it doesn’t match the embossing on the bottles I’ve found. Among other things, the bottles I’ve found are embossed “New York City”, not “Brooklyn”. It’s possible that their registration was revised after Brooklyn became part of NYC in 1899.

I haven’t found many advertisements for their brands, but one I did find from 1893 lists their company name and “Bock Beer”.

A June 21, 1921 article in the “Beverage Journal” provided a review of brewery activities (during prohibition) and stated that Obermeyer and Liebmann were making cereal beverages. Apparently hit hard by National Prohibition, they auctioned off many if not all of their store front properties in 1923. I found a notice for one such auction in the May 8, 1923 issue of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

More information on Liebmann Breweries, Inc., post 1924, is included in the post on this site entitled “S. Liebmann Sons.” S. Liebmann’s Sons Brewing Co.

Bremen (now named Stanwix St) intersected with Forrest Street. Located at 67 Bremen St, the brewery was literally next door to S Liebmann’s Sons.

I’ve found quite a few Obermeyer and Liebmann bottles over the years, most embossed with a sunshine face? They are champagne style bottles and include tooled blobs from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, tooled crowns from the 1900’s to 1910’s (including one embossed with a triangle shape) and machine made crowns that date closer to 1920. I’ve also found a machine made blob top (only one of two I’ve ever seen from this era).