I. Ledermann, 750 5th St., N.Y.

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This is a hard guy to track down. Prior to 1897 there are only two sporadic references I could find to I Ledermann in the NYC Directories:

  • Isaac Ledermann, 750 5th Street, bottler, is listed in the 1891 New York City Directory. This is the only reference I could find with the 5th Street address.
  • He’s also listed in the 1883 New York City Directory at 98 Avenue C with the occupation beer.

By the late 1890’s he’s apparently no longer in the bottling business. Between 1897 and 1899 he’s listed in the trucking business at various Lower East Side addresses. Whether he was in the bottling business continuously between the early 1880’s and 1897 is anybody’s guess?

Today the 750 5th Street address does not appear to exist.

The bottle I found is a pony style soda/mineral water with an applied blob finish. It’s embossed with the 5th Street address associating it with the 1891 listing.