Finkenstadt & Kaufmann, Long Island City, N.Y.


Finkenstadt & Kaufmann was a soda water business located across the East River from Manhattan in Long Island City, Queens. They were listed with an address of 235 Broadway in the 1924 Brooklyn Queens Telephone Book and 34-11 7th Avenue in the 1925 edition. They were not listed in the 1920 Telephone Book or in the 1922 Copartnership and Corporation Directory for Brooklyn and Queens, suggesting that the business started sometime in 1923 or 1924.

Subsequently, in 1926, the business incorporated under the name Finkenstadt & Kaufmann, Inc. The incorporation notice was published in the January 6, 1926 edition of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

Finkenstadt & Kaufmann, Inc., Queens, to manufacture beverages, etc. Capital, $20,000. Directors: Harry Bartel, 310 Radde St.; George Ridder, 129 Newton Ave., Long Island City; Walter Gropler, College Point.

They were still listed in 1928 at the 34-11 7th Avenue address.

It’s not clear when the business ended but the fact that you rarely see one of their bottles on the Internet makes me think they weren’t around much past the early 1930’s.

Seventh Avenue was renamed 36th Street in Long Island City but I’m not able to relate the former business address to a current location.

The bottle I found is machine made (27 oz) which fits with a mid to late 1920’s manufacture date.