California Bottling Co., 142 King St., Brooklyn, N.Y.

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The first listing I can find for the California Bottling Co. was in the 1920 Brooklyn telephone directory however the newspaper article quoted below suggested that it was established in 1917.  The business continued to be listed in various Brooklyn Directories up to and including 1931 at the 142 King Street address. Their business card appeared in several issues of the Brooklyn Citizen during the spring/summer of 1922.

According to 1922 issues of the “Beverage Journal” and the “Soda Fountain” under the heading “soft drinks and syrups” the California Bottling Co patented the design and the word “click” for non-alcoholic, non-cereal, maltless beverages sold as soft drinks and syrups for making same. Used since: February 1, 1920, Filed: February 28, 1922, Published: July 18, 1922 and Registered: October 17, 1922.


A July 9, 1922 story in the Brooklyn Citizen highlighted both “Click” and the California Bottling Company. The story, actually a glorified advertisement, had to have been written and submitted by the firm.


New Beverage Meets With Instant Favor and Is In Great Demand

“Click” the newest member of the beverage family, has arrived in good time for the abatement of summertime thirsts. It comes in three flavors, orange, grape and cherry. Brooklynites have been pleasantly surprised with the latest addition to the long line of excellent products sold by the California Bottling Company of No. 142 King Street.

Their four delivery wagons are being kept busy all day long supplying the needs of their many customers both in this borough and across the river in Manhattan.

And it is little wonder that there is such a wide demand for “Click” and the other products such as ginger ale, soda and carbonated waters that this company specializes in, for they are thoroughly satisfying in all ways.

Sparkling, filtered waters are used in the manufacture of these drinks. Pure fruit juices are used exclusively for coloring and flavoring purposes. The machinery is of the modern type and the plant is up-to-date in every respect.

L. Diccor, manager of the factory, says that the concern has increased its size yearly. It was established five years ago, and its growth has been remarkably rapid. Since the advent of prohibition there has, of course, been a marked increase in the demand for soft drinks.

“Click,” they say takes some of the sting out of prohibition, for it really does quench even the most obstinate thirst and is soothing to the driest of throats.

Starting in the mid-1920’s through 1931, the Click Cola Bottling Company was listed in various directories with the same address and telephone number as the California Bottling Co.

I’ve seen bottles on the Internet embossed Click Cola (in script) Bottling Co., with the 142 King Street address looking very much like a classic Coca-Cola bottle. An Internet bottle site stated that Coke sued them for infringement and put them out of business. I can’t confirm this.

Today 142 King Street is a one story building with two garage door size openings. Property states that it was built in 1931 so it post dates the business.

The bottle I found is machine made (8 oz) with California Bottling Co embossed inside a large horseshoe. There is no mention of “Click” Cola. It fits with a mid 1920’s time frame.