Hi all, my name is Mike. I have been kayaking the south shore bays of Long Island, NY, from the East Rockaway Inlet to the Robert Moses Bridge for decades, enjoying the beauty and getting some exercise. Years ago, while out for a kayak, I found an old bottle laying in the mud and from that moment began the collection presented on this site.

Today activity associated with Long Island’s bays is pretty much limited to recreational boating and fishing but years ago, in addition to recreation, they provided a way of life for many including clammers, oysterman, fisherman, farmers and hotel operators to name a few. Taken as a collection these bottles provide some insight into their basic necessities; what they ate, drank and needed to live, work and relax on a daily basis. Just as importantly each bottle’s story provides some perspective on life in general during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

So now, retired, I thought I’d mix in a little research to try and answer basic questions about the people and businesses that produced the bottles. I began to track down who ran the businesses, when they operated and what became of them.  Good stuff, but I also began to get a feel for the business owners; their backgrounds, what drove them, their approach to advertising, sometimes even their sense of humor.

The research took me to a time when the people and places that made up the nation, and New York in particular, were very different. Brooklyn, Queens and even uptown Manhattan were open spaces that supported dairy farms and horse drawn carriages had not yet been replaced by the automobile. I got a little feel for World War I and the sense of unified national patriotism that existed back then and for the era of National Prohibition and the impact it had both socially and economically on New York and the nation.

So, I hope this web site does these bottles justice and narrates a little bit of history that might not otherwise have been preserved and remember…

our Long Island bays are a gift so please treat them with respect!

SPECIAL NOTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!                                           

Enjoy the site!

And Pete…Thanks for the idea and all the help!

An alphabetized list of the bottles is presented below. Click on the link to get to their story.

At the end of the list is a place for comments. If you’ve got something to add or if I’ve got something wrong or if you just like the site feel free to let me know.

Alart & McGuire, OK Pickles  Alart & McGuire

American Apothecaries Co., New York – SALVITAE   SALVITAE

Amityville Creamery, Inc./Evans-Amityville, Amityville, L.I. Amityville Creamery

“Antidol” for Rheumatism   Antidol

Armour and Company, Chicago  (Armour Laboratories)  Armour and Company

Arnold Chemical Co., Chicago, Bromo Celery The Arnold Chemical Co.

Dr. Seth Arnold’s Cough Killer  Dr. Seth Arnold’s Cough Killer

Atlantic Dairy, Bedell Bros., Freeport, L.I. Atlantic Dairy, Bedell Bros

Atwood’s Jaundice Bitters, Moses Atwood, Georgetown, Mass. Atwood’s Jaundice Bitters

Ayer’s Sarsaparilla, J. C. Ayer Company, Lowell, Massachusettes J. C. Ayer Company

M. Bacci, Italian-American Bottling Co., 451-55 Pearl St., N.Y. M. Bacci, Italian-American Bottling Co.

Daniel Bahr, 679 Grand St., Brooklyn  Daniel Bahr

Bajorath, Long Island City Bajorath,

Balsams Dairy, 712 Hendrix St., Brooklyn, New York Balsams Dairy

Wm. Jay Barker, New York, Hirsutus  Wm. Jay Barker

Bay Shore Bottling Co., Bay Shore, L. I., N. Y.  Bay Shore Bottling Co.

Beadelston and Woerz, Empire Brewery, New York Beadleston and Woerz

Fred Beers, Inc., Ozone Park, L.I. Fred Beers, Inc.

Bell & Co., Inc., Orangeburg, New York, U.S.A., Bell-Ans Bell & Co., Inc.

Louis Bergdoll Brewing Co., Phila., Pa. Louis Bergdoll Brewing Co.

S. M. Bixby S. M. Bixby

BB (Bluthenthal & Bickart) Four Aces Whiskey   Four Aces Whiskey

Bolen & Byrne, New York Bolen & Byrne

Booth’s Distillery, London, England, High & Dry Gin Booth’s Distillery

Henry C. Botjer Co., Long Island City, N.Y. Henry C. Botjer Co.

Brand & Co., Ltd., Mayfair. The “A 1” Sauce  Brand & Co., The A 1 Sauce

Henry Brenwasser, Pharmacist, 226 Ninth Avenue, Cor. 24th St. Henry Brenwasser, Pharmacist

Bromo Caffeine (Keasbey and Mattison)  Bromo Caffeine

F. Brown’s Essence of Jamaica Ginger F. Brown”s Essence of Jamaica Ginger

Bruckner Bros., 408 to 412 E 161st St., New York Bruckner Bros.

Buchanan’s Black & White Whiskey Buchanan’s Black & White Whiskey

Buffalo Lithia Water Buffalo Lithia Water

Burnett’s, Boston  Burnett, Boston

A. Busch Bottling Co., Brooklyn, N.Y. A. Busch Bottling Co.

H. Busch & Son, 116-118 Blum St., Union Hill, N.J.  H. Busch & Son

Albert D. Buschman, Coney Island, N. Y.  Albert D. Buschman

Calder’s Dentine Calder’s Dentine

California Bottling Co., 142 King St., Brooklyn, N.Y. California Bottling Co.

Alex Campbell Milk Company Alex Campbell Milk Company

Camphorine  (R.H. Williams, Amityville, L.I.)   Camphorine

D. Cameron, New York  D. Cameron

Carbona Products Company, Carbona Carbona Products Company

Brock L. Carroll, Far Rockaway, L.I. Brock L Carroll

 Carter’s Ink  Carter’s Ink

S. Casella & Sons, 84 Huyler St., Hackensack, N.J. S. Casella & Sons

Dr. S Pitcher’s/ Fletcher’s Castoria    Castoria

Caw’s Ink, New York  CAWS Ink

Charrot & Henry, 118 Flatbush Avenue, 571 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. Charrot & Henry

Christo Bottling Co., Washington D.C. Christo Bottling Co.

City Bottling Works of New York, Henry Downes, 1873  City Bottling Works of New York

Henry N. Clark, Southhampton, L. I.  Henry N. Clark

Clover Farms Company, New York Clover Farms Company

CN Disinfectant, West Disinfecting Company, New York  West Disinfecting Company

Owen Clark, 23 Jackson Ave., L. I. City  Owen Clark

Clicquot Club  Clicquot Club 

Coca Mariani, Paris  Coca Mariani, Paris

G. W. Cole Co., “Three In One” G. W. Cole Co.

Colgate & Company, New York Colgate & Company

Columbia Bottling Co., 105 & 107 Columbia Street, New York & 734 East 6th Street, New York  Columbia Bottling Co.

Consumers Brewery, Bottling Dept., New York Consumers Brewery, Bottling Dept.

Consumers’ Park Brewing Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.  Consumers Park Brewing Co.

Corona Bottling Co., 109-111 53rd Ave., Corona, L.I., L. Aledort & Son, Props. Telephone: Newton 2399 Corona Bottling Co.

Cosmopolitan Pharmacy, Corner Rivington & Willet Streets, New York Cosmopolitan Pharmacy

Coward Corn Cure (Coward Shoe Store)  Coward Corn Cure

Crab Orchard Springs Salts, J. B. Wilder & Co., Louisville Ky. J.B. Wilder & Co.

Curtice Brothers Co., Preserves, Rochester, N.Y. Curtice Brothers Co.

D.D.D. Company, Chicago, Ill. D.D.D. Company

C. H. Dahl & Sons, Sweet Clover Dairy, Roosevelt, L. I. C.H. Dahl & Sons, Sweet Clover Dairy

Peter Dawson Ltd., Distillers Peter Dawson

Day & Brother, New York, 353 E. 20th St., N. Y.  Day & Brother

E. C. Dewitt & Co., Chicago, U.S.A., One Minute Cough Cure E. C. Dewitt & Co.

Wm. Dieckman & Son, 59 to 63 Stockholm St., Brooklyn, N.Y.  Wm. Dieckman

F. Dieterich, Ag’t, Richmond Hill, L.I.  F. Dieterich

Dingwell Bros., 1017-25 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Dingwell Bros.

Dixon & Carson, 41 Walker St., N. Y.   Dixon & Carson.

Peter Doelger, Brewer, New York Peter Doelger

Dryfoos, Blum & Co., New York  Dryfoos, Blum & Co.

Duhme & Meyer, 115 Christopher St., N.Y.  Duhme & Meyer

Eau Minerale de Soultzmatt (Soultzmatt Mineral Water)  Soultzmatt Mineral Water

T. Ebeling, 2774 Third Ave., New York T. Ebeling

H. M. Eilenberg, Phillipsburg, N.J. H. M. Eilenberg

C. B. Ellin, New York, Horseradish   C. B. Ellin

Empire Bottling Works, Rockaway Beach, New York  Empire Bottling Works

Empire Hair Regenerator Co., New York Empire Hair Regenerator Co.

Joseph Eppig Brewery, Brooklyn, N.Y. Joseph Eppig

Charles S. Erb, Pharmacist, 121 Amsterdam Avenue, Cor 65th St., N.Y. Charles S. Erb

W. M. Evans Dairy Co., Inc. 3480 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N.Y.W. M. Evans Dairy Co., Inc.

Everett & Barron Co., Shoe Polish, Providence, R.I. Everett & Barron Co.

Excelsior Brewing Co., 271 Pulaski Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. Excelsior Brewing Co.

Dr. Peter Fahrney & Sons Co., Chicago, Ill., U.S.A. “The Old Reliable Home Preparation for Home Use” Dr. Peter Fahrney & Sons Co.

Joseph Fallert Brewing Co., Ltd., Brooklyn, N.Y. Joseph Fallert Brewing Co.

Fellows & Co., Chemists, St. John, N.B. Fellows & Co. 

John Fennell, Boston  John Fennell

Fidelio Brewery, New York  Fidelio Brewery

Finkenstadt & Kaufmann, Long Island City, N.Y. Finkenstadt & Kaufmann

Forbes Diastase Company, Cincinnati, Ohio Forbes Diastase Company

Forman Bottling Co., Yonkers, N.Y. Forman Bottling Co.

Franklin Brewing Company, Brooklyn, N.Y. Franklin Brewing Company

Fraser & Co.  Fraser & Co.

M. O. Fuller, 1861, Brooklyn, E. D. M. O. Fuller

Gaelic Old Smuggler Gaelic Old Smuggler

W. H. Gardner, 176 State Street, Bridgeport, Conn. W. H. Gardner

Garrett &Co., Inc., Virginia Dare, New York Garrett & Co., Inc.

W. G. Geety, Inc., Apothecary, Broadway & 138th St., N. Y.   W. G. Geety

Geis-Jackier Co., Far Rockaway, N.Y. Geis-Jackier Co.

Wm. V. Geis, Far Rockaway, N.Y.  Wm. V. Geis

“GEM” Asbury Paine Mfg. Co., Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A., Pat-2-3-1880  GEM

Glyco-Thymoline (Kress & Owen Co.) Kress & Owen Co.

I. Goldberg, 171 East Broadway…  I. Goldberg

Gordon’s Dry Gin, London, England, Reg’d 610617 Gordons Dry Gin

Gowdy’s Medicated Beer (Smith & Layton)  Gowdy’s  Medicated Beer (Smith & Layton)

Drs. F. E. & J. A. Greene, New York, Chicago, Boston Drs. F. E. & J. A. Greene

Griffen Manufacturing Co., New York Griffin Manufacturing Co.

Gude’s Peptone-Mangan Gude’s Pepto-Mangan

Haas Pharmacy Haas Pharmacy

Hale’s Honey of Horehound and Tar, C. N. Crittenton, New York   Hale’s Honey of Horehound and Tar

Hamilton Glass Works, N. Y.  Hamilton Glass Works.

Hardscrabble Farm Dairy, East Hampton, N.Y. Hardscrabble Farm Dairy

H. Harkavy, 510 – 512 E 85th St., N. Y. H. Harkavy

Wm. P. Hartley, Liverpool, London   Wm. P. Hartley

E. Hartshorn & Sons, Established 1850, Boston  E. Hartshorn & Sons

Hartwig Kantorowicz, Posen, Germany  Hartwig Kantorowicz

Peter Hauck & Co., Harrison, N.J. Peter Hauck & Co.

Hawkins & Weeks, Bayport, N. Y.  Hawkins & Weeks

Hay’s Hair Health Hay’s Hair Health

Healy & Bigelow, Kickapoo Indian Sagwa, Oil and Cough Cure   Healy & Bigelow

Hegeman & Co., New York Hegeman & Co.

Fred Helmke, 114 Hudson St., Hoboken, N.J. Fred Helmke

George Hendrickson, Willow Dairy, Wantagh, L.I. George Hendrickson, Willow Dairy

Hennessy & Nolan, Albany, 1879 Hennessy & Nolan

Hicksville Bottling Co., Hicksville, N. Y., “Roxy”  Hicksville Bottling Co.

Higgins Inks, Brooklyn, N, Y.  Higgins Inks

High-Ground Dairy Co., Brooklyn, N.Y. High-Ground Dairy Co.

Holbrook & Co. (Holbrook’s Worcestershire Sauce) Holbrook & Co.

Hood’s Tooth Powder, C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. C.I. Hood & Co.

Horlick’s Malted Milk, Racine, Wis., U.S.A., London, Eng. Horlick’s Malted Milk

Dr. J. Hostetter’s Stomach Bitters  Dr. J. Hostetter

E.W. Hoyt & Co., Lowell, Mass., Hoyt’s German Cologne E. W. Hoyt & Co.

Otto Huber Brewery, Brooklyn, N.Y. Otto Huber Brewery

Richard Hudnut, New York Richard Hudnut

Huile D Olive, Superfine, Bertrand Freres, Grasse  Huile D Olive

A. Hupfel’s Son’s, 161st St. & 3rd Ave., New York  A. Hupfel

Hurley Bottling Co., Far Rockaway, N.Y. Hurley Bottling Co.

Husband’s Calcined Magnesia, Philadelphia Husband’s Calcined Magnesia

C. T. Hurlburt & Co. C.T. Hurlburt & Co.

Huyler’s, New York Huyler’s

Ideal Dairy Co., 203 20th St. Ideal Dairy Co.

Imperial Chemical Mfg. Co., New York Imperial Chemical Mfg. Co.

Dr. D. Jayne’s Expectorant, Philadelphia  Dr. D. Jayne’s Expectorant

Clark Johnson (Dr. Clark Johnson’s Indian Blood Syrup)  Clark Johnson

S. E. Johnson, 180 Bedell St., Freeport, L.I. S. E. Johnson

Jones Pharmacy, Ninth Avenue, Cor. 53rd St., New York Jones Pharmacy

Kandal & Gordon, 42-50 N. Beach 86th St., Rockaway Beach, N.Y. Kandel & Gordon

John J. Kane, Far Rockaway & Arverne, L. I.   John J. Kane.

James Keiller & Son, Dundee Marmalade  Dundee Marmalade

Kellogg’s Tasteless Castor Oil  Kellogg Tasteless Castor Oil

John Kessler, Woodmere, Long Island John Kessler

W. Z. Ketcham, Hempstead, L.I. W. Z. Ketcham

Keystone Dairy Co., Hoboken, N.J. Keystone Dairy Co.

Wm. F. Kidder, New York  Wm F. Kidder

Dr. Kilmers Swamp Root Kidney, Liver and Bladder Remedy, Binghamton, N.Y., U.S.A.   Dr. Kilmer

H. B. Kirk & Co., New York H. B. Kirk & Co.

Kirsch & Herfel Co., Inc., Brooklyn N.Y. Kirsch & Herfel Co., Inc.

Kissingen Water, Hanbury Smith  Kissingen Water

P. B. Knapp, Druggist, 362 Hudson Street, New York P. B. Knapp

Knapp’s Root Beer Extract Knapp’s Root Beer Extract

Bernard Kommel, 143 & 145 Park Row, N.W. Cor 27th St. & 10th Ave., S.E. Cor 65th St. & Amsterdam Avenue Bernard Kommel

Chas F. Kropp, 524 Robbins Ave., N.Y. Chas F. Kropp

Albert Krumenaker, 512 & 514 West 166th St., N.Y. Albert Krumenaker

A. J. Lamb & Son, Rockville Centre, L.I. A. J. Lamb

Henry Landgrebe, Valley Stream, L.I. Henry Landgrebe

Lash’s Bitters Co., New York – Chicago – San Francisco Lash’s Bitters Co.

Lavoris Chemical Co., Minneapolis  Lavoris Chemical Co.

Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce,  J.D.S. (John Duncan’s Sons)  Lea & Perrins

I. Ledermann, 750 5th St., N.Y. I. Ledermann

F. C. M. Lendholt, 490 E. Tremont Ave., Pharmacist  F. C. M. Lendholt

Leslie, Dunham & Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., 1-lb Pure Honey   Leslie Dunham

Lewis Brothers, Inc., New York – Vitalis  Lewis Brothers, Inc.

A. Liebler Bottling Co., 402 & 404 W 126th St., N.Y. A. Liebler Bottling Co.,

S. Liebmann’s Sons Brewing Co., N.Y. S. Liebmann’s Sons Brewing Co.

Lion Brewery of New York City  Lion Brewery of New York City

V. Loewer’s Gambrinus Brewery Co., New York V. Loewer’s Gambrinus Brewery Co.

Long John Scotch Whisky, Registered No. 702081  Long John Scotch

Joshua Longfield, North of England Sauce Joshua Longfield

Lynbrook Bottling Co., Lynbrook, N.Y. Lynbrook Bottling Co.

MacLaren’s Imperial Cheese  MacLaren’s Imperial Cheese

Major Manufacturing Company, New York Major Manufacturing Company

Marshall & Co., 1866  Marshall & Co.

E. Matthews/E. Matthews Sons, Hempstead L. I.  E Matthews

Chas. Mau, 561 E. 156th St., N.Y.     Chas Mau.

McKesson & Robbins, New York McKesson & Robbins

Mellin’s Infant’s Food, Doliber, Goodale & Co., Boston, U.S.  Mellin’s

Milliken’s Parlor Pride Stove Enamel, Milliken & Co., Boston & N.Y. Milliken & Co.

Mimnaugh Bottling Co., Far Rockaway, L.I.   Mimnaugh Bottling Co..

Minck Bro’s & Co., 45 to 53 Beaver St., Brooklyn, E.D. Minck Bro’s & Co.

W. H. Miner, Chazy, N.Y. W. H. Miner

Bernard Monderer, Druggist, Audobon Ave., Cor 179th St. Bernard Monderer

Montauk Wine & Liquor Co., 2043 Fulton St., Brooklyn N.Y. & 96 Village Avenue, Rockville Centre, L.I. Montauk Wine & Liquor Co.

Muller Dairies, Inc., 470 West 128th St., New York Muller Dairies, Inc.

H. C. Muller, Far Rockaway, L.I. H. C. Muller

Henry Muller, 7 Cross St., Paterson, N.J. Henry Mueller

Muller’s Leading Drug Store, Merrick Road, Valley Stream, N.Y. Muller’s Leading Drug Store

John Mullin, Far Rockaway, L.I. John Mullin

M U M Mfg. Co., Philadelphia, Pa.  M U M Mfg. Co.

Munch Brewery Bottling Dept., Brooklyn, N.Y. Munch Brewery Bottling Dept.

Munro, Dalwhinnie, Scotland, Square Bottle Whisky  Munro Square Bottle Whisky

Murray & Lanman, Druggists, New York, Florida Water Murray & Lanman Florida Water

Mutual Bottling Co., 127-129 Boerum Place, Brooklyn N.Y., Diamond Sparkle Beverages Mutual Bottling Co.

Nauheim Nauheim

T. L. Neff’s Sons, 179 – 181 Powers St., Brooklyn N. Y.  T. L. Neff’s Sons.

New York Bottling Co., Inc. New York Bottling Co., Inc.

Obermeyer & Liebmann Bot’g Dept., New York City Obermeyer & Liebmann

Old Parr Old Parr

Omega Chemical Company, New York, Omega Oil Omega Chemical Company

Louis C. Ott, Rockaway Beach, L.I. Louis C. Ott


Parfumerie Monte Christo, Beaume Mamma Dura (L. Shaw) Parfumerie Monte Christo

Frank Parker, Pharmacist, East Islip, N. Y.   Frank Parker

Pflug & Ackley, Hempstead, L.I. Pflug & Ackley

Pichel & Schwab, 174 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Pichel & Schwab

Piel Brothers, East New york Brewery Piel Brothers

R. V. Pierce, M. D., Buffalo N. Y., Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery  Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery

ED. Pinaud, Paris  ED. Pinaud

Pinus Medicine Co., Monticello, Ill., U.S.A., Fruitola Pinus Medicine Co.

Plant & Ahrens, Inc., 212 Evergreen Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Plant & Ahrens, Inc.

Pluto Water, America’s Physic   Pluto Water

Premier Bottling Works, 301 E 107th St., N.Y. Premier Bottling Works

Prof Callan’s World Renowned Brazillian Gum  Prof Callan’s World Renowned Brazillian Gum

Puritan Dairy, Perth Amboy, N.J. Puritan Dairy

Rawleigh’s Rawleigh’s

Reader’s Reliable Pharmacy, Cedarhurst, L.I. Reader’s Reliable Pharmacy

Reiss-Premier Pipe Company  Reiss-Premier Pipe Company

Renault Winery (L. N. Renault & Sons), Egg Harbor, N.J. Renault Winery 

M.H. Renken Dairy Co., 131 Emerson Pl., Brooklyn M H Renken Dairy Co.

H. Ressmeyer, 516 E 85th St., N.Y. H. Ressmeyer

W. B. Riker & Son, Druggists, 353 6th Ave., N. Y. C.  W. B. Riker Son

Rising Sun Brewing Co., Elizabeth N. J.  Rising Sun Brewing Co.

Roberts & Co., Chemists, Florence & Rome Roberts & Co.

Robinson Brothers, New York, Buffalo Ammonia Robinson Brothers

R. Robinson, 402 Atlantic Av., Brooklyn, N. Y., Patent  R. Robinson

R. W. Robinson & Son, New York R. W. Robinson & Son

Roche’s Embrocation for the Hooping Cough, W. Edwards & Son  Roches

Roller’s Pharmacy, Amsterdam Ave. & 86th St. Roller’s Pharmacy

I. Rokeach & Sons, Brooklyn, N. Y., Refined Oils   I. Rokeach & Sons

L. Rose & Co. L Rose & Co.

Rubsam & Horrmann Brewing Co., Staten Island, New York Rubsam & Hormann Brewing Co.

Jacob Ruppert Brewer, N.Y. Jacob Ruppert

Sallade & Co., Magic Mosquito Bite Cure & Insect Destroyer, N.Y. Sallade & Co.

Sammis & Hentz, Hempstead, L. I.  Sammis & Hentz.

Santal deMidy, Paris Santal deMidy

F & M Schaefer Brewing Co., New York F & M Schaefer Brewing Co.

H. C. Schmidt, Apothecary, S.W. Cor. 91st St. & Park Ave., New York H. C. Schmidt, Apothecary

Emil Schlicher, Farmingdale, L.I.  Emil Schlicher

Schnaderbeck & Runge, Farmingdale, Long Island, N.Y. Schnaderbeck & Runge

Geo. Schneider & Co.,181-183 Stockholm St., Brooklyn Geo. Schneider & Co.

Carl Schulz CPMS (Central Park Mineral Springs), New York Carl Schultz CPMS

Schwartz’s Dairy, Woodhaven, L.I. Schwartz’s Dairy

Scotch Oats Essence Co., N.Y. The Scotch Oats Essence Co.

Scott’s Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil with Lime & Soda Scott’s Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil

Scott’s Mineralava  Scott’s Mineralava

E. D. Seabury, Rockville Centre, L.I. E D Seabury

J. S. Seabury E D Seabury

G.B. Seely’s Son, Inc., 319-331 E 15th St., New York G. B. Seely’s Son, Inc.

George Sessler, Glenwood Landing, N.Y. George Sessler

Sharp & Dohme, Baltimore Sharp & Dohme

Sheide Bottling Co., Lindenhurst, L.I. Sheide Bottling Co.

Wm. Sierichs, No.421 E. 12th St., New York   Wm. Sierichs

Sloan’s Liniment, Kills Pain Sloan’s Liniment

T. A. Snider Preserve Co., Cincinnati, Ohio  T. A. Snider Preserve Co.

Sparklene (Charles H. Smith & Co.)   Sparklene

R. Sprenger, 203 E. 92nd St., N.Y. R. Sprenger

J. R. Stafford’s Olive Tar J. R. Stafford’s Olive Tar

S. S. Stafford S. S. Stafford, Inc.

L. Steinberger, 496 to 502 Pavonia Ave., Jersey City, N.J. L. Steinberger

Steinhardt Brothers & Co., The Kintore Steinhardt Brothers & Co.

Fred’k S. Steinmann, Apothecary, 92nd St. & Lexington Ave., New York Fred’k S. Steinmann, Apothecary

Stewart Distilling Company Stewart Distilling Company

Suffolk County Bottling Works, Amityville, L.I. Suffolk County Bottling Works

Suydam Bottling Co., 136 Suydam St., Brooklyn N.Y. Suydam Bottling Co.

Tournades Kitchen Bouquet Tournades Kitchen Bouquet

Jos. Triner, Chicago Jos. Triner

Trommer’s Evergreen Brewery, Brooklyn, N.Y. Trommer’s Evergreen Brewery

Union Bottling Co., 240 & 242 East 20th St., New York  Union Bottling Co.

Union Hill B. B. Co., 6 – 8 Monitor St., Brooklyn N. Y.  Union Hill B. B. Co.

United Bottling Co., P. F. O’Neill, 508 Greenwich St., New York United Bottling Co.

United Wine & Trading Company – Pearl Wedding Rye United Wine & Trading Company

J. H. Van Brunt, Far Rockaway, L.I. J. H. VanBrunt

Van Horn & Ellison, Chemists, New York Van Horn & Ellison

Ver-Vac Ver-Vac

Wm. F. Voigt 453 E. 78th Street, New York   Wm F. Voigt

Fred vonDohln & Son, 348 West 36th St., N.Y. Fred vonDohln & Son

W & T, 57 Downing Street., N.Y. (Wilson & Taylor)  W & T

J. Walker’s V. B. J. Walker’s V.B.

D. J. Walsh, Far Rockaway, N.Y. D. J. Walsh

Wm. R. Warner & Co., Philadelphia   Wm. R. Warner

Waterman’s Ink  Waterman’s Ink

Wayne County Produce Co., Greenpoint, Long Island   Wayne County Produce Co.

Jas. T. Weeks, Rockville Centre, L.I. Jas. T. Weeks

Welz & Zerweck High Ground Brewery, Brooklyn N.Y. Welz & Zerweck High Ground Brewery

Westchester County Brewing Co., Mount Vernon and Pelham, New York Westchester County Brewing Co.

Whistle, Whistle Bottling Co.   Whistle.

Whittemore, Boston, French Gloss  Whittemore

Wildroot  Wildroot

A. R. Winarick, New York  AR Winarick

Winsor & Newton, London  Winsor & Newton

J. Wittmann, Woodhaven, New York J. Wittmann

A. Wolff, Central Bottling Co., 55th St., bet 2nd & 3rd Ave. N.Y. A. Wolff, Central Bottling Co.

John Wyeth & Bro., Philadelphia John Wyeth & Bro.