Joseph Fallert Brewing Co, Ltd, Brooklyn NY

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Joseph Fallert, brewer, was first listed in the 1876 Brooklyn City Directory with a home address at 248 Meserole Street. By 1880 he was listed at his long time plant location at 66 (52-66) Meserole Street. This is in general agreement with early 1910’s Fallert advertisements that indicate that the business was established in 1878.

He was listed this way through 1887. In the 1889 Directory the listing changed to “Joseph F Fallert Brewing Co., Ltd. At this point the business listed both the office address of 86 Lorimer Street and plant address of 60 Meserole Street. In the 1904 Directory, the office location moved to 346 Lorimer Street.

At some point, it’s not clear when, Fallert passed away and his son, also named Joseph, took over the management of the business. Joseph Fallert, Jr. was serving as president of the company when he died in 1919. His obituary, in the March 24, 1919 issue of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle stated:

Mr. Fallert was born in Brooklyn and educated in the Brooklyn public schools. He went abroad as a young man and studied the brewing business, and following the death of his father, Joseph Fallert, many years ago, succeeded him as president of the Fallert Brewery, to which he devoted all his business lifetime. He was a practical brewer himself and personally supervised all the workings of the establishment.

The 1913 – 1914 Copartnership and Corporation Directory of Brooklyn and Queens listed Joseph Fallert Pres, Bertold Fallert VP & Sec and Charles Fallert Tres. By this time, I assume that Fallert Jr. is president.

Their signature beer was called Alt-Bayerisch (Old Bavarian). An advertisement in the January 11, 1897 issue of the ‘Brooklyn Eagle” stated about Alt-Bayerisch “ a dark beer especially brewed and bottled for family use where a strengthening and healthy beverage is necessary. It’s a food.” $1.25 per case, 2 doz. bottles.


The 1897 Joseph Fallert Calendar referred to it as “Arrow Brand Alt-Bayerisch Standard and Superb Beer” Alt-Bayerisch was registered as a label with the Patent Office on October 10, 1899 but was obviously in use before then.

It’s not clear if the business continued to operate during and after National Prohibition. The business was listed in the 1922 Copartnership and Corporation Directory of Brooklyn and Queens and continued to be listed as the Joseph Fallert Brewing Company at 346 Lorimer Street through the late 1930’s. After Prohibition, in the classifieds (today’s yellow pages) for 1935 and 1936 they were listed under beverages even though classifications such as beer, beer gardens, brewers or bottlers were available. In the 1940’s they were still listed in the general phone books at the same address but dropped the word “Brewing” from the company name. By 1950 I don’t see them listed at all.

I should note that I haven’t been able to find any Fallert advertisements during or after Prohibition so it appears they may have been operating in name only. Prior to Prohibition they advertised quite a bit.

It appears that several buildings associated with the brewery are still standing including the offices at 346 Lorimer Street.

I found two champagne style 12 oz Joseph Fallert Brewing Co. Ltd bottles each with the trademark Alt- Bayerisch Arrow embossed on it. One is a tooled blob, the other a tooled crown. Both are post 1889 based on the embossed company name; the blob late 1800’s – early 1900’s and the crown early 1900’s.